Surface Cleaning & Sealing

***** Due to the limited number of spots on our sealing calendar, as well as the extremely high volume of requests for our concrete sealing service - we will be implementing a 600sqft minimum for all clean & seal inquiries (standard 2-car driveway and bigger). Requests for smaller areas will be subject to a minimum pricing charge. *****


Surface Cleaning & Sealing

Surfaces are generally the most overlooked part of a property. This is simply because you don't realize how dirty something is until it's clean!

Nothing makes your property stand out more than clean surfaces. All of our machines produce a minimum of 6+GPM (gallons per minute) paired with adjustable, industrial-sized water pumps. This commercial-grade setup ensures your concrete gets the deepest clean possible - without causing any of the damage commonly seen when using high-pressurized water.

After the surface is clean and the concrete pores are exposed, we highly recommend sealing your concrete. This will ensure you get the most life out of your surfaces! Our penetrating sealer is completely invisible, and will NOT change the appearance or texture of your concrete

How do you know if your concrete surface is already sealed?

Go outside and pour some water on it. If the concrete absorbs the water by darkening up and turning brown, than it is not sealed! Letting water into your concrete can be bad news, and lead to very expensive damages in the future.

Water expands up to 9% when it freezes. So when the water is inside your concrete, it will push the concrete around leading to cracks - which will absorb more water to form bigger cracks. This process goes on and on until your surfaces are cracked, broken, and chipped.

STOP the cycle!

Our penetrating sealer protects your concrete from harsh conditions such as freeze-thaw cycles, road salts, de-icers, rainwater, and other common hazards. In addition to these, your driveway can see even worse conditions due to automobile traffic, gas, oil, anti-freeze, lawn fertilizers, and UV rays. An un-sealed driveway will become a future problem due to cracking, rotting, and deterioration of the concrete. By this point, you're looking at an extremely expensive tear-out and replacement. 

A small investment in professional cleaning and sealing today can save you thousands in future repair and replacement bills.

There are also many other sealer finishes available for areas where customers want to showcase - such as pool decks, stamped patios, etc. Contact us for additional details.

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