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A home is likely the largest investment that most will ever make. Regular exterior cleaning can help extend the life of that investment. Organic growth such as mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria can shorten the lifespan of your vinyl, wood trim, aluminum, paint, and other surfaces. In fact, most paint manufacturers including Behr and Sherwin Williams recommend regular exterior cleanings to extend the life of their product.

Cleaning is NEVER a “one size fits all” situation, and high pressure is not always the answer when it comes to exterior cleaning. A gentle "Soft Wash" using the proper soaps and detergents can be used to give optimal results. We custom blend a solution at every property that is appropriate for the surfaces we are cleaning.


So what causes all of that green on your siding?

The short and simple answer is Mother Nature! Just like our cars, our home gets coated in a layer of pollen every spring. Combine that with our humid Ohio climate - and you have an ideal breeding environment for harmful mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.


Don't worry, we can help!

In the hands of our trained technicians, we can completely eliminate all organic growth on your home for a minimum of 12 months - without the use of dangerous high pressure! Our "Soft-Wash" procedures will gently bathe your home in an algaecide - much like a pest control treatment. We then rinse the exterior of your home using low pressure and high volume, leaving the surface clean and sanitized.


Why not use high pressure?

Not only does high pressure have the potential to cause serious damage, but it is actually the least effective way to clean your home. Cleaning with high pressure may temporarily "erase" the green color on your siding, however it does not actually kill the organic growth. This is why the green will often return within a few short months.

Our proprietary blend of 100% biodegradable detergents, surfactants, and emulsifiers follow the recommended cleaning procedures of vinyl manufacturer's, so our gentle house washing will also preserve any warranty that your home may still have!

  • Safety! - Our insured cleaning procedures are recommended by most siding and roofing manufacturers. This means your warranty won't be voided by any of the chemicals or equipment used during the process!
  • Protection From Harmful Bacteria - Mold, mildew, and algae can cause serious illness to your family, guests, and employees, even if it is only on the exterior of your home. Our soft-wash system will not only remove these substances from your siding, but can also keep them from coming back for a minimum of 12 months!
  • Curb Appeal - Nothing gives a more welcoming and inviting look than a clean home, driveway, and walkways. If you’d like your home or business to look beautiful and inviting from the outside, our professional-grade equipment and detergents can make your property appear brand new again!
  • Increased value: Believe it or not, professional pressure washing paired with paint touch ups can boost your property’s value by 2 to 5%!
  • Preventative Maintenance -Regularly scheduled maintenance will boost the value of your home, leading to a much higher price if you ever decide to sell your property. We also offer discounts for annual cleanings, guaranteeing to keep your home spotless at an economical, affordable price. A small investment in professional pressure washing today can save you thousands in repair and replacement bills for the future.
  • Ease of Use - You can buy a ladder and brush and start scrubbing, but this is dangerous, ineffective, and impractical. While it can seem tempting to clean the home yourself, you should always consider the benefits to hiring a professional. We have the proper equipment, soap, and detergents to safely and effectively clean your home for an affordable price.
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