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Our concrete coatings are the toughest and most resilient products available on the market - GUARANTEED! Epoxies and decorative coatings can have a bad reputation due to all of the cheap, watered-down products that are available at your local box stores. However - give us a chance to change your mind!


DID YOU KNOW? - 72% of all surface coatings FAIL due to improper surface preparation!

The first step for every project is to properly prepare the surface by grinding, shot-blasting, and/or acid washing the surface. Every surface is different, so we don't have a "one-size-fits-all" prepping procedure!

Diamond Grinding

is probably the most popular choice among contractors for prepping a concrete floor due to the mass amount of grinding equipment available. This preparation technique corrects a variety of surface imperfections and stains, as well as leaves a nice, smooth surface. Though this is a great prepping method for most applications, this is not always the answer for every floor!


is the process where steel beads are "shot" out of the machine at a high velocity, and will "blast" off stains and debris  from the concrete that cannot be removed with standard cleaning procedures. Most professional shot-blasting machines will have a built-in vacuum in order to re-collect these beads to avoid making a mess. This prepping method does a great job at exposing bare concrete - thus providing a great base for a heavy-duty coating

Acid Etching

is the process of giving the concrete an "acid bath". This etching solution will open and expose the millions and millions of pores within the concrete - making it easier for us to deep clean the surface. Once clean, the surface will need to properly neutralized in order to prevent acidic contamination of the concrete - which can cause the coating to fail pre-maturely. This preparation technique has the potential to cause serious property and bodily damage - so this technique should NOT be attempted by anyone other than a trained professional!


After the surface has been prepped - 

We will mix the necessary chemicals on-site to create a specialized chemical reaction, in which the molecules start to bond together. This bond is over 100 times STRONGER than steel! We then apply the mixed product to the surface. These molecules immediately attach themselves to the microscopic pores we previously exposed, making the coating nearly impossible to come off.

Most of our coatings will require multiple base coats, as well as multiple top-coats in order to provide a thick, tough, permanent coating. We also have thousands of different colors, styles, and options available in order to cater to every taste and personality. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation about permanently protecting and beautifying your concrete surface!

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