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Here at Cardinal Pressure Washing, we believe in using only the finest products available on the market, and our epoxy flooring is no exception. Our epoxy uses new-age Adaptive Molecular Technology, a new cross-linking chemistry that separates it from all other floor coatings on the market.

The process starts by etching the floor with our unique etching solution. This solution will clean the floor, as well as expose the millions and millions of microscopic pores in the surface. After the surface has dried, we will mix the necessary epoxy chemicals on-site to create a specialized chemical reaction, in which the molecules start to bond together. This bond is over 100 times STRONGER than steel! We then apply the cross-linked molecules to the surface. These molecules immediately attach themselves to the microscopic pores we previously exposed, making the epoxy nearly impossible to come off.

Our epoxy is composed of 100% solids. This simply means that there are no additives. The epoxy will look the same when it is applied to the floor, as well as when it is dry with no loss in thickness. A lot of DIY epoxy kits sold at the nearest home center are likely to be water-based or solvent-based, making them easier for the average homeowner to use. However, once the water-base evaporates, you are left with a thinner and weaker surface than what you initially applied. This will lead to future failure of the floor coating. A 100% solids epoxy doesn’t have any water or solvents to evaporate, resulting in a MUCH thicker and stronger final product. Though more expensive, 100% solid epoxies are the most cost-effective floor coatings when comparing durability and thickness.

A 100% solids epoxy can last a minimum of 20 years, and up to a LIFETIME if properly maintained by the owner.  This makes it the most durable of the floor epoxies by far! Our military-grade epoxy is designed for easy of use and a lifetime of performance for your garage, commercial floor, or any other surface you want to indefinitely protect. You can expect the final product to be virtually maintenance-free. There are also no VOC’s to worry about, thus making it an environmentally friendly product as well!

Check out all of the base and fleck color options offered below, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about the process!

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